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A very thought provoking book with deep insight that is written by a very talented author
Cathleen S. Hulbert. Thumbs up! A must read for everyone.

C. Tolusso   Atlanta

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This story, which has a time-travel element, will appeal to readers who want their paradigms shifted. The very human seekers awaken to the reality that there is so much more to life than what our five senses lead us to believe. The physical body and particularly the brain can be barriers to awakening if they lead us to deny the reality of the unseen. "The First Lamp" is directed not just at skeptics who use "science" to block heavenly Grace. It also uses the gentleness of Aloha and the edgy humor of a modern New Yorker named Sarah to deliver some serious challenges to conventional religious dogma. It is deeply loving and spiritual but the characters don't mince words about how organized religion too often has strayed from love to fear-based messages.

Readers can learn some interesting things about Cathleen Hulbert herself, in an interview right here on Author Interviews:    (If you have a problem opening this link, please go to their main URL (above) and search under Interviews for Hulbert.)

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