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Cathleen Hulbert, MSW, LCSW, is a free-lance journalist and clinical social worker who spent six years living in New York City where she earned her graduate degree from Columbia University School of Social Work and worked in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. During that time, unexpected teachers began to emerge who would set the stage for the writing of this novel. She later traveled to Hawaii to answer the call of Kalah and to embrace the healing power of Aloha. She returned with a renewed dedication to sea turtle conservation, a burning love for the Hawaiian culture and a deeper respect for the needs of Mother Earth. She now lives in Roswell, Georgia, where she works in the healthcare field and continues to write. In November 2008 Cathleen was a co-recipient of the National Hemophilia Foundation's "Distinction in Communication Award" for helping teens with chronic bleeding disorders create their own camp newspapers.  Her current project is a sequel to "The First Lamp."
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Cathleen and brother Michael


Celebrating their 50th anniversary on a CRUISE

Mom and Dad: Micheline and Al



A very special turtle arrived for Christmas in 2008.
 It was a turtle created by a wonderful child named Andrew.


My father took this photo during a memorable trip to Hawaii with his best friend, Glenn.
It's called Pele's cave by the islanders.

In my book, Kei is a dolphin friend who has her own perspective
on the evolution of humanity. Photo taken by my good friend Jo Wheeler. 



Among the joys of traveling to Hawaii is the constant sense of discovery. The adventures I had planned sometimes were out-done by the magical encounters that found me! A case in point is the protea garden that beckoned me to stop during my drive around Maui. This one reminds me of a birthday cake. Protea are among the oldest flowering plants on the planet. To learn more go to >>> website.


A bright green lizard like this one makes an appearance in "The First Lamp," when Kalah rushes to tell her mentor, Mama Hanu, about her first trip to the future. This photograph was taken during a morning walk behind a bed and breakfast inn on the Big Island.


This exquisite silversword plant is rare and legally protected in Hawaii. At full flowering, its foliage resembles a sword. I took this picture on my way along a cloud-high volcanic road in Maui.

Walking along the rocky shore of the Big Island, my heart was filled to overflowing with love. I looked down to see this heart-shaped rock. I picked it up to hold for a moment. Then I took a few steps toward a sandy spot, where I felt moved to kneel and give prayers of thanks. I had the strongest feeling that I had come home.

When I opened my eyes, I was amazed to see a large heart drawn in the sand in front of me. I knew exactly what to do. I placed the smaller rock heart inside the big heart in the sand, symbolic of my heart resting safely in the heart of Hawaii.




Phoenix was an extraordinary four-legged muse. She has passed on, but she remains in spirit
with my family. In "The First Lamp," Haley the dog is modeled after Phoenix.

  Sea birds at sunrise always remind me that God does provide.

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