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This time-travel tale is about the illusions of separation and how human beings overcome these illusions with their own creativity, determination and love. Set in Hawaii, both ancient and modern, and in New York City, "The First Lamp" challenges many cultural beliefs that keep us locked in the ego's mindset of struggle and limitation. It encourages freedom of thought and spirit as we explore our universe. It also is a love letter to the planet and the intelligent beings who live in the sea.

Praise for "The First Lamp:"

"This book is breathtakingly beautiful. Its spiritual wisdom is tangible to the heart. 'The First Lamp' fulfills a yearning and answers questions that are crying out to be heard. It entranced me with its mystical depth. It is a story that can touch all of us with the realization of what is possible if we only believe! I have always been a spiritual person. Having read "The First Lamp," my ways were softened in a most beautiful and magical manner. I was gifted with an enchanting perspective through the dolphins, the turtles, and the mystical wisdom of the author. I feel richer than I have ever been, for not only have my ways been softened, but my focus has been shifted towards my goal with renewed energy. After reading this book, the sacred alchemy within my soul burns with a new passion."  

Eliza White Buffalo, author of "The Two Roads Trilogy."

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"I was immediately drawn into the story. It pulled me in through the eyes of Kalah. 'The First Lamp' is inspiring, showing us that all truths are within and how we must care for one another and our world. Cathleen Hulbert, through Kalah's eyes and thoughts, takes us into her journeys throughout beautiful locations such as the Big Island of Hawaii. I had the pleasure to take 'The First Lamp' on a Caribbean Cruise recently. Reading each word, I felt that I became one with the dolphins swimming along the side of the ship, experiencing the stories that each of them had experienced. The book made an already wonderful vacation out at sea a more than wonderful experience."

Scott M. Anna, Wildlife Artist/Author

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"In this touching tale, Cathleen Hulbert has woven the modern with the ancient realm of the intuitive. At each reading I found my own reality being affected, as if by the magic of another realm. Cathleen is truly a wonderful ambassador for the timeless Spirit of Aloha."

Kala H. Kos, PhD, International Trainer and Author of "The Seven Lost Secrets of Ecstacy and Success."

Kala's website is www.hawaiiheart.com.

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"This is a wonderful book - beautifully written and an engaging story. It introduces timeless spiritual principles in a fresh, new way."

Ingrid King, author of "Buckley's Story -- Lessons From a Feline Master Teacher"

What a magnificent creature to behold.

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"I started reading 'The First Lamp' and I just can't put it down! Thank you very much for helping all who read the book find the light that shines deep inside of us."

Mahalo Mui Loa." Oriana Kalama, co-founder of Ocean Defender Hawaii.



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